Talking-Flowerts.com makes every effort to ensure that the flowers they select, and the service they give are of the highest quality. However being a perishable commodity flowers will react to their immediate environment, prevailing weather conditions and how they are handled. Unfortunately once despatched and no longer under our controlled conditions the changes in their immediate environment may result in the expected life of the flowers being reduced.

It is important that the care instruction provided with your flower(s) is/are followed to increase their life, and the recipients/your subsequent enjoyment. Immediately upon receipt Talking-Flowers.com recommends that the flower(s) stem(s) are trimmed at a 45 degree angle and immediately placed in a vase of clean lukewarm water containing the sachet of flower food provided, and that the water is changed every 2 days. However extreme changes in the flowers immediate environment and air-conditioning may have an adverse affect on them, and unfortunately with all these possible variations it is difficult for Talking-Flowers.com to guarantee the quality of their flowers in every case.

Postage and Packaging

The packaging used to send your flowers has been rigorously tested and under normal postal handling conditions should protect your flower(s) throughout their delivery cycle. It must be noted however that all fresh flowers are sent with the bottom of the stem in its own sealed container, and therefore Talking-Flowers.com cannot guarantee that leakage will not occur. If leakage does occur and water has gone onto the petals of the flower, once the flower has been removed from its packaging any affected petals should be lightly dabbed with a tissue to remove the excess water from them.

3 Day period

Talking-Flowers.com expects the flowers they provide to last between 5 and 7 days, and therefore provided the care instructions have been followed, if your flowers should perish with 3 days of the requested delivery date then Talking-Flowers.com upon receiving proof in the way of a digital photograph attached to your claim and received by e-mail prior to 5 days from the requested delivery date, will be happy to re-send new flower(s).

All claims must be made in writing and e-mailed to support@talking-flowers.com .


It is important to realise that flowers come in all types and varieties, and depending on season and variety may or may not open and may or may not be as fragrant as may have been expected. This is not a problem with the flower, only that the variety available to Talking-Flowers.com at their time of purchase was all that was available to them. Furthermore this does not mean that the flowers are of a lesser quality only that they are a different variety that should be enjoyed for what they are.