The personal information collected by Talking-Flowers.com is used solely for the purpose of providing customers of Talking-Flowers.com with the requested service. The information collected is stored on the secure server(s) of the third party payment provider on behalf of Talking-Flowers.com. Talking-Flowers.com payment provider is one of the UK’s most reputable providers and ensures that all the information provided to process your payment is encrypted.

The information collected includes customer and delivery names and addresses, billing address, e-mail address, contact phone number, credit card number and credit card security code.

Disclosure and Use

None of the personal information collected will be disclosed to any third party unless the customer has authorised Talking-Flowers.com to do so, or unless Talking-Flowers.com is required to disclose the information by law.

All information will be use solely to provide the service as indicated on the web-site of Talking-Flowers.com.

The information may also be used to inform customers of additional products and services that Talking-Flowers.com may feel is of interest to them.


Cookies are used on a customers machine to keep track of information they provide relevant to their use of Talking-Flowers.com’s shopping cart. Talking-Flowers.com does not store any personal or financial information about the customer using cookies.

Most browsers allow the use of cookies for the purpose detailed above, however it is possible that a browser has been instructed not to allow cookies. If this is the case then you will need to modify your current settings to allow cookies in your browsers Options Menu. (You may need to contact your systems administrator if you are part of a network.)


At Talking-Flowers.com we respect a customers right to remain anonymous. Therefore Talking-Flowers.com will not disclose any sender information unless specifically requested to do so, or unless required under law.